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Application Modernization Consulting

Here at Calliance, we go through a comprehensive investigation process regarding all of your company’s details; your legacy system code and infrastructure, mine requirements and offer our complete support to help our clients boost their business productivity and develop the maximum output from their already invested amount.

Client Oriented Behavior

We respect your ideas and formulate our next strategy as desirous by our worthy and prestigious clients.

Trust and Reliability

Our success is actually your trust that you believe in us and rely on our super perfect strategies.

Security and Care

We ensure high levels of protection and security and provide you an effective shield for security.

Need to replace their outdated legacy systems

  • Legacy systems are too risky as they provide no security.
  • They are unsupported and incompatible to the new and modern changes and advanced technologies.
  • Drastically reduces company’s ability, flexibility, scalability and reliability
  • Needs a separate team of experts to manage
  • Unable to handle big data
  • Costly and too hard to operate
  • It doesn’t match with the high-tech information and super speedy running

Applications we modernize

We help companies to upgrade their old and sluggish IT structure and get themselves transformed to cloud so they could redevelop and redesign their old systems into super effective, advanced, highly flexible, user friendly system. We modernize the applications so our clients could have a delightful experience and a winning move in the digital world of fast and perfect virtual business.

  • Build and manage healthy customer relations
  • Manage supply considering the current demand graph
  • Conduct and manage the victorious marketing campaign
  • Manage and process orders
  • Accurate management of bills
  • Financial management
  • Smart and strategic business intelligence

Transformation of old inefficient system to cloud world

Cloud migration has become the top priority of almost all the leading brands as they actually know the application modernization would increase their revenue, competitiveness and brand recognition giving their brand a unique identity.
Let’s have a look at the recent Gartner survey showing the latest cloud adoption statistics:

  • 9% service ability
  • 45 to 50 % operating cost savings
  • 4 times and faster and better launching of new features
  • 30 to 50% higher growth and support staff productivity
  • 94 % of businesses experience an improved and enhanced security

Application Reengineering

We help you to reengineer your applications to get the maximum from them, with our skilful workers you can restore and slightly modify code and design of your already running applications.

This Application reengineering would help you to enjoy the followings:

  • Web and mobile enablement
  • A new, modern and practical look
  • User friendly, simple and budget friendly solution
  • DevOps, CD/CI enablement
  • Accelerated performance and fast response


“Bade a farewell to your inflexible and outdated legacy software to avoid any future pitfalls and wasting of resources.”

Application Recoding

We recode your legacy applications that are based on outdated languages and traditional platforms (like power builder, Delphi, VB, C, COBOL) or old fashioned technologies (outdated Java and .net versions) with the modern programming languages, frameworks and databases.

Application Containerization

Along with the other modernization options, Application containerization is a virtualization method with which you can deploy and run your apps or their parts into packages separately at the OS level without launching a complete virtual machine.

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