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Our experts know the core importance of the hierarchical techniques to get your business flourish successfully. They do not only suggest you the best suitable development solution but make your direction clearer towards a victorious journey by providing you the budget friendly super practicable technical plan and architectural design meeting your time frame.

At Calliance, our team is devoted to boost your business graph; while dealing with any particular project they conduct a deep research regarding its requirements. We present you the most tactical and strategic plan along with its successful and practical implementation that guarantee your iconic business identity and success.

Our IT professionals and experts are committed to provide our worthy customers the best IT solution that matches your firm’s requirements. The development team comes with the best advice and provides expert knowledge to companies for their potential and exponential growth.

Solution Concept

  • Solution concept provides you the sketch of the expected solution without going deep into the detail.
  • The solution concept diagram includes different key features, opportunities and solutions, investment strategies and their respective impact.
  • It defines the key goals, requirements, constraints and how to optimize implementation and operational costs.
  • The basic purpose is to share a vivid picture with all stake holders by giving them the awareness that how to maximize ROI, how to ensure perfect UX and user adoption of the changes that are to be put in place with the better organization of solution support and future progression.

Solution Architecture

  • This step includes the building, designing and managing the solution against any particular business issues.
  • Choosing of the appropriate application, whether platform based or custom.
  • Selection of components; including application, services and hardware.
  • Our expert solution architects find the best tech solution that is secured and compliant among all the possible ones to solve the present business issues.
  • It guarantees successful future by designing a server less, cloud based and service oriented architecture.
  • It certifies application reliability and functionality and flexibility through APM and performance testing.

Solution Implementation

  • Selecting of the best implementation technique (agile, waterfall) assessing the requirements for CI/CD.
  • Ensures top quality features including code quality, test coverage, manual and automated testing ratio.
  • Selection of an ideal sourcing model whether it should be in-house, out sourced or a mixed one.
  • Careful management of the project meeting the deadline and set budget.
  • In short it refers three basic stages:
  1. Planning and preparing to implement the solution.
  2. Implementing and vigilant monitoring of the action
  • Evaluating the success of the action.

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