Call Back Confirmation Manager


The banking sector is subtle as copious amounts are being dealt by the banker on daily basis. For several relevant reasons, the banker needs to make a contact to have verification regarding the financial instrument and the amount. The core reason to develop the application is to bring transparency and reduce the sluggish leverage in the operational department of the bank. It facilitates auditors to have a bird’s eye view to detect any ambiguity or fraudulent delinquency, and a check to ensure CBC is adeptly exerted by the banker. To avoid auditor’s grumbles, the software application is installed in the centralized cores of the physical data center of the bank, at the same time it is also connected at the disaster recovery site.

Call Back Information

The feature enables the banker to route towards trio responses from the customer i.e. acceptance, denial or call went up in the air.

Time Saving Spree

The system is created to act imperceptibly by keeping the particulars of the transaction hoarded and supervised to avoid an act of forgery or financial delinquency.

Call Record Keeping

Instruments of huge amounts always require a narrow check, and the said application enables the banker to make sure via a call from the customer.

Proper Scrutiny

ClientSure keeps the financial ambiance squeaky-clean and provides a robust way for auditors to scrutinize the system.

Across the Board Specifications

Helping banks globally in maintenance of transparency in financial transactions while gaining credibility of their prestigious customers.
Call Data Records (CDR)

The application keeps an encrypted record of all the calls made by the banker to customers to verify the particulars of the financial instrument.

Call Search & Playback

Software application enables the user to salvage the call search history and have an option to playback when subject to financial knock.

A Real-Time Dashboard

It is the synchronized visualization to automatically update the most current data available. It has the capacity to aid users at different roles.

Speech Analytics

It comprehends the recorded call & provide a visual timeline that represent the key points where either banker or customer gains higher tones.

Centralized Management

It focuses on management of the application and provides administrator swift access to user management, branches management and reporting.

Call Tagging & Notes

Customer calls and analytics are tagged by ClientSure to put a custom flag on each call recording. Moreover, call tags to act as a note attached to a call.

Auto Archive Recordings

The software nurtures the financial ambiance by providing the banging option of auto-archive of recordings with unified storage access.

Advanced Reporting

It allows the user to get advanced reporting in a visual perspective providing evocative summaries to monitor and comprehend compliance performance levels.

Intuitive Dashboard

ClientSure helps bank’s management to keep an unblinded eye on the whole process of Call Back Confirmation, where customers are being contacted for their acknowledgment on the transaction.

Branch Manager's Dashboard

Clientsure provides live information of CBC process to bank managers, which helps them in tracking performance of their teams while overviewing customer responses on their respective transactions.

Why Choose Us!

Handling high valued financial transactions has always been a challenge for every financial institution due to ever growing trend in monetary trickeries. ClientSure helps bank’s management to keep an unblinded eye on the whole process of Call Back Confirmation, where customers are being contacted for their acknowledgment on the transaction.

  • A browser-based User interface allows for easy system access.
  • Personalized Dashboards according to user roles
  • Secure Call Data Records (CDR) with encrypted voice recording
  • High availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR
  • Digital Signatures for the recorded calls
  • Automated delivery of key milestone reports
  • Granular Permission-based System
  • Multiple Codec Support: G.711 A-law, G.711 u-law, G729

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